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Spring-Summer 21 Collection

May 6, 2021 - adminDessange

Flying in the face of a fixed and codified definition of beauty, DESSANGE helps women express their true, modern selves. Free from conventions that stifle their ability to determine who they are and what they look like, women are now pursuing their every desire, even when they might seem contradictory.

Being yourself means being able to have fun with your hair every day. It means exploring androgynous style, navigating between rock ‘n’ roll flair and a glamorous attitude, and revamping a casual look

with an off-the-wall twist.


The latest collection from DESSANGE offers all that and more along with cuts that are more free and natural and less stereotypical. It’s not about trends or diktats that are here today and gone tomorrow. Instead, it’s a question of authenticity, respect, and inspiration. DESSANGE offers a brand-new way of looking at the world.


The DESSANGE woman is feminine, bold, and self confident. She is comfortable with appropriating and interpreting the new collection in order to invent her own kind of beauty. The end result is freer, more creative, and more natural.


Natural. The stakes are high. Not only has DESSANGE opted to base its latest modern hairstyles on this principle, it also made it the focus of its new spring-summer 2021 make-up collection, which is made up of over 95% naturally derived ingredients for the very first time.Sans titre (1)